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Amos Amit

Amos Amit was born in Israel in 1945 and was raised on a moshav (farming community) in the Galilee.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and his Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture at California Polytechnic Institute, Pomona, California.

Spending his childhood and young adulthood in Israel profoundly influenced both the subject matter and approach to Amit’s artwork.  The modern and colorful feel emanates from growing up in a young, vibrant and multi-ethnic country.  The warm, primitive feel comes from a childhood spent farming.  The Biblical themes and blessings come from the influence of school studies in which Bible study was a standard part of the public-school curriculum, that being the history of the country!

Amit has established himself as one of the leading batik artists in this country.  Art critics and collectors alike have praised his unique style and highly refined technique.  

Amit has received numerous prestigious national and international awards and his works are part of many prominent collections.

about Batik

Batik is an ancient and unique art form.  It can be both primitive and modern, bold and detailed.  It has a flexibility and a brilliance that few other media can claim.  The technique is a difficult one and takes many years to master.  The picture, with its various colors, must be planned in its entirety before the process is begun.  Unlike other media, any mistakes made in batik cannot be corrected-thus the need for a very skilled hand and eye.  Care must also be taken in the choice of fabric, wax and dye.  There are several steps in the creation of a batik.  Each color achieved requires a double process repeated until the batik is completed.  



Print 7/300

22" x 28"


"Mt. High"

Print 7/20

28" x 22"


"All That Jazz"

Print 15/300

22" x 28"


"Lily Pads"

Print 16/300

28" x 22"


"Birch Trees"

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