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carol ordemann

My artistic philosophy and creativity are shaped by the funky charm and rich history of my hometown, New Orleans, and my belief in the mind-body connection. Every aspect of New Orleans is embedded with color, from its neighborhoods to its cuisine to its music and art-lined streets. My upbringing in this cultural hub and my passion for exercise and health inspire me to create art that is not only a visual experience, but also physical and mental.
I have no rules when I am painting so that my energy, imagination, and joie de vivre are not stifled; this freedom is manifested through the vibrancy of my artwork. My paintings are a visual representation of my state of mind.  For the most part, I'm temporarily escaping the chaotic and frenzied tempo of my surroundings when I'm starting a new piece.  I'm searching for the feel-good response of quiet stillness and calm while I'm working, and I often go into a meditative state when I'm pouring and blending colors.  I'm trying to focus on my work becoming looser with more organic shapes developing.  I'm thinking more about the color pallet and working intuitively with less planning, so the piece will reflect my mood.  I try to use harmonic colors so as to improve one's visual experience and state of mind.  Eventually, the piece develops its very own unique personality, allowing everyone to see something different and be affected uniquely.


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