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J douglas

Eyes captivate me. When I look at an eye -- any eye, I first notice the color. Then I see the life and spirit of the subject. Finally, I focus on the reflection, which tells the rest of the story: What are they looking at, focused on or distracted by? When I can capture that liquid beauty bouncing back at me I feel connected and full of life. When the eyes of the painting see you, then you are seeing the spirit of the subject … this is the essence of my art. 

When my paint strokes flow from my heart, to my arm, hand, fingers, brush and finally onto the canvas, I feel the passion. Art is a journey where I learn by the last stroke, the last painting, the last subject, and even the last show. When people say, “I wish I could paint like you.” I respond with, “I wish I could paint like I will in five years.” 

A shaman once told me, “You paint for one person. You paint from your heart. It flows through your arms, through the brush and onto the canvas. There it sits, for as long as it takes, until that one person sees your painting and is drawn to it. Their spirit connects with yours. 

Don’t worry about connecting with everyone, just know that someday, somewhere, the connection will happen, and it will be beautiful.”

Look into the eyes on my paintings. Let the paint strokes blend in your mind. Allow me to connect with your spirit.


Note:  After owning a martial arts school in Northern Virginia for over 17 years, J (Master J, a sixth-degree black belt) has hung up his black belt and now gives his attention to his fine arts.  He creates his art in his studio found up in the foothills of the Blueridge Mountains with his wife and two dogs.


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