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Meredith Kuntzsch

Meredith Kuntzsch was born in Midland, Michigan, just months after her parents' move back to the United States from Germany. Raised by a music and theater-loving family, Kuntzsch played the violin, trained in classical ballet for more than 20 years, sang in a choir, wrote short stories and poetry, and eventually turned to visual art.
    Kuntzsch works predominantly in the medium of painting - dry pigment pastels on paper and mixed media on canvas, but includes sculpture in inorganic and organic materials. Kuntzsch completed a BA in Marketing Communications from Michigan State University with a degree in Advertising, and upon graduating moved to Chicago to work in downtown agencies before forming her own marketing communications and design firm. Her corporate design work included artwork and marketing pieces for creative clients such as Wax Trax Records, Chicago Theater, Northlight Theater and Lyric Opera as well as several healthcare and technology coporations. With a strong pull towards nonprofits, Kuntzsch also worked in event management for the (Mike) Ditka Foundation, Pediatric Aids Foundation, Starlight Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation and more.


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