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Tim Breaux

Tim Breaux was born in Franklin, Louisiana in 1963.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Louisiana, Monroe in 1986.  After becoming an artist, he decided to forgo a Master of Fine Arts degree in favor of direct mentorship with master artists.  Years of intense study online, at the easel, and in the field followed. After several years of pursuing pharmacy and art separately he eventually realized that there is a broad range of intellectualism that supports the arts, and it is in those different perspectives that individuality is found.   It was only then that his background in the sciences began to inform his art in a unique way.   He is a signature member of the National Oil and Acrylic Members Society.  He lives, writes and paints at his home in Ozark, Missouri with his wife, Nancy.

Artist Statement

I know a lot of great artist that pursued their artistic dream from an early age.  Many of them secured degrees in art and then worked as professional illustrators before they had careers as fine artists.  Since I started painting at the age of forty, I often felt regret about waiting so long to start the process.  I now realize that everyone follows their own path at their own pace.  I continue to be very satisfied in my career as a pharmacist and I am finding that my background in the sciences gives me a unique understanding and approach to art.

There is also a spiritual side to my art.  No art is original - it is a copy or interpretation of the original work provided by the ultimate artist and creator, God.  While I enjoy studying the work of other artist and their interpretation of nature I ultimately return to the original work created by God where I can smell the air and drink the water and be in His presence.  He is the only teacher that can give us all we need; the material, inspiration and ability.  I attend His workshop as often as I can.


The National Oil & Acrylics Painters Society: Best of America - Best of Show


"Bottom Road Sky"


20" x 21" Framed

12" x 12" Unframed


"Poppy Garden"


12" x 12"


"Leatherwood Creek"

3rd Place in 2018

Plein Air Festival


14" x 18"


"Rogue Castle"


9" x 12"


To see more works done by Tim, be sure to check out his personal site.


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