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Former Disney artist Tia Haynes is known for her vivid and expressive imagery, displaying an intuitive sense of nature in emotional transition. Taking her inspiration from the world around her, Tia translates her observations into pieces that juxtapose the boldness and fragility of life. A classically trained painter, she draws upon the landscapes of her childhood, her travels abroad and experiences from throughout her life to fuel her creativity. Her work can be found in galleries, public spaces and in the libraries of private collectors. Tia also accepts private commissions.

about The Statton's

And The Statton Gallery, Madison's Garden

Jom Statton has always loved art and has been drawing and painting since he was a young boy.

His Mom and Dad, Jim and Barb Statton, paid for art classes for Jom and always took their children to Eureka Springs on their way to visit relatives. They loved the artsy feel, the beautiful terrain and of course, the food and activities in Eureka Springs. Jom remembers being a little boy and watching the artists painting, singing and throwing pottery on the sidewalks and in the store-fronts in the small town.

Jom left Bentonville, Arkansas after high school, and headed for Dallas after college, where he has resided for over 30 years. During those 30 years, Jom has been blessed with 2 children; a daughter, Tori, and a son, Madison. You’ll find a picture of Jom with Tori and Madison on his profile page of Facebook, sitting in Eureka Springs, having lunch on the balcony of the Basin Park hotel, probably listening to live music!

Unfortunately, tragedy struck the Statton/Porter family, and their son, Madison, passed away in 2016 at the age of 20.

The Statton Gallery, Madison’s Garden is an art gallery, with an outdoor sculpture garden in honor of Jom’s family, art, Eureka Springs, the artists and their positive impact on humanity, the beauty of nature found in the hills, springs and mountains of Eureka Springs and North West Arkansas, and of course, the wonderful memory of Madison and his love for people, and life.

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